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Mr Fiquette was born on a back page of a freshly purchased sketchbook on Brisbane commuter train back in 2003.
For some reason, the style and the sketch and even the world of MR Fiquette
– Bootleg City of the 1920’s were so simple to draw and maintain.
His character was inspired by the many of the villains from the long gone silent movie era.
Mr Fiquette is a dark underground figure, haunted by darkness, driven to crime and hated by the most. I believe that is is the constant ladies’ rejection that kept pushing him into the underworld of darkness flamed by the fact that even in his own universe, he is the pint-sized anti hero.
here are some of those early works that gave birth to “Get Fiquette”

Established in 2001, Dimsdale and Kreozot United games Manufacture was formed by two industry veterans- Louis Oswald Dimsdale and Ferdinand Kreozot with over 6 years of combined industry experience in doing stuff. Shortly after, they have developed and formulated their long term plan of becoming the industry leaders and turning D&K UGM into an unstoppable power house in electric entertainment, to be admired and emulated by many.
So called 3 step plan is ingenious and simple, and has since been visualized by Mr Kreozot (check attachment 01).
After several attempts, D&K UGM as of yet did not manage to get NASDAQ listing.
To any potential investors reading this, at this point, we are in needs of your funds. We need blankets and canned goods as well as some form of shelter to keep the critters away.



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