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May 23, 2014 by ferdinandkreozot

After years of chiseling at it, we’re finally done. The game is up and running over at the app Store!


here are a few screenshots:


And here is little press release we cobbled together For anyone feeling keen to read and reblog, be our guest:


Brisbane, 21 May 2014


Dimsdale and Kreozot United Games Manufacture”(D&K UGM in further text), an Indie game developer duo from Brisbane, Australia, are proud to announce that their latest entertainment venture “Get Fiquette” has reached its completion!


Best known for their maiden PC title “Tito the Bouncing Alien” published back in 2003- a vast improvement over their earlier attempts to make their mark on the board game market, creative duo moved into disgruntled semi retirement in the years thereafter.

Tito the Bouncing Alien” successfully managed to sell hundreds of copies world wide and inspire a small number (more than one but less than five) of young people to pursue a game developer careers.

However, it left an insufficient mark on the industry and failed to bring the riches or acclaims developers hoped for, causing them grief, bitterness towards the world and small series of nervous breakdowns. Such development led them towards excessive weight gain and caused them to question everything they believed about the world and to doubt their creative abilities altogether.


Somewhat uneven distribution of the slim game proceedings and conflicted vision of the future ahead drove a wedge in their friendship and they slowly drifted apart pursuing different interests in their lives.


Louis Oswald Dimsdale, co-founder, head of technical, design and financial wing of the company, quit his game career and decided to enter the manufacturing industry (peanut packing in particular) with a simple, yet daring plan to start at the bottom and climb his way up to the management role in a few years time. Due to many issues, including but not limited to dyslexia, laziness and general lack of interest in anything nut related, he yet again failed to realise his goals.


Ferdinand Kreozot, a creative mastermind behind D&K UGM, decided to pursue other artistic endeavours- the biggest being a social experiment involving him spending all of his time in his basement, arguing with people in the Youtube comments section and depraving himself of vitamin D. Initial plan was to document his experiences and share them with the world, but due to lack of recording equipment and a mild paranoia which quickly developed he now basically procrastinates in his basement, researching world wide conspiracies, looking for proof of them on Google maps and suffering from severe vitamin deficiency.


However, back in 2012, the unfortunate event brought the duo together again.

A freak dirt-biking accident has rendered Louis D incapable to perform his duties at peanut packing factory and forced him to spend his time in bed, with not much to do. Upon learning about his former friend’s misfortune, Ferdinand K left his basement and drove fifteen kilometres down the road in order to taunt Louis and laugh at his misery.

But the fate had something else planned for them. Due to Dimsdale’s medication induced delirium, and Kreozot’s flaming insanity, their insult-trading conversation slowly shifted towards their common passion. Long-story-short they decided to revive their collaboration once again, and have another stab at making a game together. They settled on Ferdinand’s old pet character they both liked, named Mr Fiquette- a little silent movie villain he’s been drawing in his sketchbooks for many years.

The game was to be called “Get Fiquette”.

Core premise and a main game mechanic has been agreed to on the spot, and an initial proof of concept prototype was developed in the weeks after.

A feverish development process continued and now, two years later, Mr Fiquette is ready to descend on the world.

Game is set in the prohibition era Bootleg City and the main premise is to play against the little villain who robs establishments at the beginning of each level and stop him from reaching his hot air balloon on the other side.

Many surprises are hidden behind the windows of the city, and should be used by the players to achieve their goal.

We’ve been building and playing the game for the past two years and after all that time, with all of it’s shonky incarnations, it is still fun to play. We hope that general public will get many hours of joy from playing and replaying the game over and over again.” said Mr Kreozot.


D&K UGM whole heartedly hope that the whole experience is going to be addictive and enjoyable to anyone who plays the game.


Due to premature release caused by aforementioned developers rebellious inclinations, game can be purchased already on the App Store for $0.99 through this link:


Or by searching for “Get Fiquette” in the store search bar. Trust us, it is somewhere there.


App Store game information:


PLEASE NOTE:- Game only runs on iPad 3,4,Air & iPhone 5,5s,5c


Mr Fiquette – Infamous Master Gentleman Thief has once again busted out of jail and has set his sight on Bootleg City.


Come join the fun of stopping Mr. Fiquette before he cleans out the good citizens of every Penny they own.


From the dusty sketch pad of a grumpy ex-Electronic Arts Concept Artist and the deranged mind of a former Halfbrick Game Designer, ten years since their last venture, comes this little title and the flag of “Dimsdale And Kreozot United Games Manufacture.” is flapping in the wind again.


“Get Fiquette” is a masterpiece of simple, addictive gameplay with an eye popping visual art style. It’s a technical marvel that merges the very latest advancements in electronic game manufacturing technology, complex binary spaghetti coding methods, multi-coloured, multi-parallax scrolling pixel planes and hand made, decidedly run-of-the-mill sound effects into an alluring package that’s cheaper than a cheeseburger and small enough to fit in your back pocket.

Kickstarter free, subscription free, partly biodegradable, somewhat crashable, fully rechargeable and Totally Enjoyable!!


“Simply Brilliant!!…”, a quote from Kreozot’s late mom*, God bless her soul.


*Quote may or may not have anything to do with the game itself.



Open, Close, Drop, Pull, Swipe your way through the game with your favourite finger.



Easy to follow camera system guides you through Bootleg City busy streets automatically.



Semi real time Day and Night cycles, plus Rain and Thunder effects bring levels to life like ever before.



From the renowned skilled hands of pencil master Ferdinand Kreozot.


PS. Short version of release is also available

Also some more screenshots as a reward for reading all this 🙂




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