Introducing… The brick

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July 11, 2012 by ferdinandkreozot

Every Week from now until our game “GET FIQUETTE” hits the virtual shelves, we will release a little game art and some information about it.This week we would like to present the “BRICK”.Background Info:-
This 1920’s, State of the Art, Dry Pressed, Clay Brick will always be remembered as a Classic. It was the primary building block of the “Tower Of London”, “St. Pauls Cathedral” and later used in the construction of the iconic “Empire State Building”.
It consists of mixture of raw clay, preferably in a mix with 25-30% sand to reduce shrinkage. The clay is first ground and mixed with water to the desired consistency. The clay is then pressed into steel moulds with a hydraulic press. The shaped clay is then fired (“burned”) at 900-1000 °C to achieve strength.
The common Dry Pressed Clay Brick is also pretty heavy and if dropped from some height can do a bit of damage to organic matter . These Bricks have also been known to shatter or break when dropped on harder surfaces.

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed looking at our Brick. It’s an Important Object in our lives today and it plays a big part in our upcomming game “GET FIQUETTE”.

Tune in again next week where we introduce the……..


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