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July 11, 2012 by ferdinandkreozot

From the basements that have been cooking stuff for over a decade now, a new kind of entertainment emerges!
Much like a Phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from it’s ashes after it gets burned for this reason or that, Dimsdale und Kreozot United Games Manufacture is raising from it’s own ashes- mostly caused by negligence, intoxication and an unfortunate electrical fault(s).
However, it is not for us to discuss the causes here due to ongoing investigation.
After incredible success with our previous products-
 “Face Paint Dart Board” Board game (a product which we can not discuss or promote any further for legal reasons)
“Tito the Bouncing Alien”- a ground breaking Electric game title utilizing latest features such as polygons, texture maps and sound effects
Which combined sold hundreds of copies world wide,
We are happy to announce that our team is hard at work tackling the latest emerging craze – a market of so called Mobile Telephones which (As we are predicting) will grow reasonably in years to come.
Deciding to take a step and use it to move ahead of the competition, we are announcing a title which will soon be playable on one of those devices.
Yes, after many years of sitting untouched in various sketchbooks, on restaurant napkins and random sheets of paper laying around the office, Mr Fiqueete, baddest bad-ass silent movie villain that never existed will soon be hitting the smallest of screens of your mobile telephones, supplying minutes of hilarious entertainment at those times when you are waiting for your bus, or for that light chat with HR person about downsizing and your role in it, or when you simply have nothing better to do.
You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be poking, touching and stroking the hell out of that scr een!
As a parting gift for the announcement, we offer you an exclusive- latest in moving graphics technology- an ANIMATED image! giving you a sneak peek at some of the features of our upcoming and exciting venture.

Kind regards,
Director and Creative Director,
Louis Oswald Dimsdale
CEO and Peanu

t Crafter

Dimsdale Und Kreozot
About D&K UGM:

Established in 2001, Dimsdale and Kreozot United games Manufacture was formed by two industry veterans- Louis Oswald Dimsdale and Ferdinand Kreozot with over 6 years of combined industry experience in doing stuff between them

. Shortly after, they have developed and formulated their long term plan of becoming the industry leaders and turning D&K UGM into an unstoppable power house in electric entertainment, to be admired and emulated by many.
So called 3 step plan is ingenious and simple, and has since been visualized by Mr Kreozot (check attachment 01).
After several attempts, D&K UGM as of yet did not manage to get NASDAQ listi

To any potential investors reading this, at this point, we are in needs of your funds. We need blankets and canned goods as well as some form of shelter to keep the critters away.


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